EDITORIAL: Movie matters (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

If we could only go back 20 years and tell the world what it would grow up to be! Phones that take pictures! Online ordering for food! And less important stuff, such as self-driving cars.

The other day, on the recommendation of a friend, we asked Mr. Big Shot Movie Man in the newsroom about a movie that was just released, and in a few minutes we were watching it. In the office. On the computer. Compliments of a friend in the movie business.

Why would anybody want to live in another year?

As for the film, we recommend. Can we give it five stars? If you want to know why education reformers pull (what’s left of) their hair when talking about education in America, you might want to watch this film, Miss Virginia, possibly coming to a theater near you and soon to be available on VOD. It’s not exactly a Marvel action movie, so no telling how close it will get to Arkansas or, when here, how many theaters will show it. But these days, with streaming, computers and self-driving cars, few movies are out of reach. READ MORE

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